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Duke's Draught Beers


Belhaven Scottish Ale  $6

Complex ale with a malty/hoppy balance; light, creamy

and smooth from Scotland's oldest brewery. ABV 5.2


Belhaven Twisted Thistle $6

A fine example of a true India Pale Ale.

Medium light in body with a flowery nose.

Malty fruitiness up front - hoppy finish. ABV 6.1


 Belhaven Kilted Pilsner  $6

Light blonde with a subtle bready malt aroma. Delicate

 flavor for crisp and refreshing classic Pilsner ABV 4.8


Belhaven Black Scottish Stout $7

Traditional Scottish stout - rich and dark in colour.

 A hint of fruity sweetness, and lots of hops.ABV 4.2


Belhaven Wee Heavy $7

Medium - Full bodied, Rich and malty sweet

ale with Caramel and Nutty overtones. A

Nitrogen pour with a creamy texture. ABV 6.5



Dry Blackthorn Hard Cider  $6

Naturally fermented apple cider; light, dry’

and refreshingly crisp. ABV 6.0


Young's Double Chocolate Stout   $7

Velvety black - smooth & creamy texture, surprisingly light


bodied & clean. Semi sweet chocolate notes, dry finish. ABV 5.2



Great Lakes Dortmunder Gold  $6

Smooth lager that strikes a delicate balance

between sweet malt and dry hop flavors  ABV 5.8


Temperance Smittytown E.S.B.  $6

Bitter brewed with refined English malts and brazen

American hops ABV 5.8


Duke’s Bottled Beers



Skull Splitter Orkney Ale (11.2oz) $10


~Scottish Historic Ales~

Alba (Scotch Pine Ale) $9

Ebulum (Elderberry Black Ale) $9

Fraoch (Heather Ale) $9

Grozet (Gooseberry Wheat Ale) $9



(small county to the south of Scotland)

Bass Ale   $5

Boddington’s Pub Draught Ale $7

Newcastle Brown Ale $5



Guinness Pub Draught   $6 (Chilled)

Guinness Stout   $5 (Room temp)



Amstel Light   $4.50

Bud Light   $3.50

Budweiser   $3.50

Heineken   $4.50

Pilsner Urquell $5

Stella Artois Cidre $6

Becks Non - Alcoholic   $5

North Coast Blue Star Wheat $5

PBR Tall Boy $4